SATAWU supports current SABC leadership and board

November 28, 2013

We appeal for stability of SABC and request the Public Protector to not be influenced by disgruntled former (allegedly corrupt employees) and lobbyist groups.

The public protector must not be dissuaded from finding balanced justice for the SABC and its leadership by the disgruntled former SABC employees, some of whom have been disciplined for corruption and graft related deeds. In fact since the arrival of the current leadership of the SABC at its helm we have seen stability in terms of revenue bleeds and over reliance on government bailouts. The SABC paid back its debts and seemingly continues be improving the living conditions of its workers. We do notice that there is a strong lobby group of forces that seek to capture the control of the SABC from the working class biased leadership to the intellectually over polished individuals who may not be understanding the real conditions of the working class.

The national broadcaster is a people`s asset for people`s voices. We are getting concerned at the amount of purging waged by the public protector against the leadership of the broadcaster. The public broadcaster has a troubled history of being marred in bad governance and gross violation of transparent, accountable and efficient leadership for a while up until it got stabilized by the current executive leadership, among them being the acting chief operations officer. However we have recently noticed the barraged of attacks levelled against the leadership of the broadcaster, particularly by the competitors with commercial interests as well as those who wish to see the image of the SABC remain entrapped in the sludge of bad reputation.

We believe that government is doing very well by taking a hands on approach on managing the affairs of the broadcaster from a governance perspective. The recent board as appointed by the president is still new and deserves to be given a chance to manage.

As a critical stakeholder we are happy to have been consulted by the SABC amongst other things for our input on the editorial policy currently being reviewed. We have found the process to has been inclusive, accommodative and progressive in meeting the country`s complex and diverse historic, cultural, social and political contexts for a total citizen`s satisfactory provision of public broadcasting. We can never all be happy and satisfied with the coverage of the SABC on our issues but we can accept if it focuses and covers deeply the local working class based stories that are spread across the demographics of the country.

For us the SABC is sound and well on a recovery path to credibility and we urge government and all its stakeholders to remain focused and not be derailed by the attacks levelled against it. The executives of the SABC or any other public institution must be appointed on the basis of their experience, capability and ability to meet all governance and stringent stakeholder and shareholder demands. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to run the corporation and the current COO has proven that. Hence our believe that he must also be affirmed of the position on a permanent basis.

We urge the Public Protector to remain vigilant in acting for the poor and marginalized “public” and not the self-serving opinionated “public” that seem to be more preoccupied with oppositionist politics towards governance. We are watching all the developments in that space with keen interests and talking to our members on the ground to remain vigilant of any project that may derail them from focus. What we are further question is the timing and leaking the Public Protector`s provisional report to the press before it could be sent to the SABC and its shareholder. This shows that there could be elements in the Public Protector`s office that are collaborating with counter revolutionary forces to persecute the leadership that represent the working class.

Vincent Masoga
National Media Officer
South African Transport & Allied Workers` Union
A revolutionary union most admired

Cell: 083 297 3826
073 513 7705

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