SATAWU commemorates Nelson Mandela’s legacy

December 10, 2013

Upon the passing away of president Mandela, we bow our heads and salute the revolutionary departure of a people`s hero. Nelson Mandela represented a leadership that held like a glue the unity of all forces in the Congress movement.

His ideals appealed to all foe and friend who stood opposite sides of each other in a bitter antagonistic battle to find each other. Mandela became an epitome of self discovery and a true paragon of rightful consciousness.

Through his acceptance of personal hardships and longest painful route of incarceration and international resistance by his peer group in the Congress movement president Mandela provided a platform to expose apartheid regime and all its murderous machinery.

His utmost commitment to humanity and a just cause for freedom taught us a lot as workers and gave us more courage to remain radical fighters for working class led socialism as the only justice.

Nelson Mandela taught us to believe that we can sit around the table with our bitter enemies and negotiate a way out for all concerned without a shed of blood.

We would like to see his legacy practised by all South Africans in all spheres of life going forward. We would prefer to see employers becoming genuine industrialists who are prepared to share their wealth with the workers and the less destitute. We would like to see a country committed towards achieving what seems impossible today, the freedom charter.

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